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CLASSES: Monday to Friday at 9:30am and Saturdays at 12pm

At Crawley Martial Arts Academy we know how difficult it can be for ladies (especially mums) to get time to go to the gym or sqeeze in a run. We hold classes every weekday morning at 9:30am - ideal for after the morning school-run! These classes will aid weight loss and cardio goals as well as strengthen and tone your body.

The gym is fully equipped with seven full-sized bags, an olympic boxing ring, a weights area, a rowing machine and a private room, as well as free parking, a treatment room, a coffee shop and showers.

Experience a new way to get fit, meet people and have fun!

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Full Body Circuits: Total body toning and strength building alongside cardio and core-strength training
Boxercise: A non-contact athletic challenge involving pads and bagwork. High intensity fitness and fun. Effective resistance trainging to develop strength and confidence.
Thai Attack: Using well establish thai-boxing drills to create cardiovascular workout. An exhilirating experience that delivers results!
Ideal for any lady of any fitness level, we train in a relaxed and friendly environment with inspiring and motivating music. Come down and see us or give the club a call on 07702 119 198 or call Ruth Ashdown on 07939 654931.
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