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John Jarvis Jason Prentice Paulo Da Silva
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Saied Gholamie Keith McKenzie
John "The Boss" Jarvis

Training: Muay Thai, Boxing, Personal Training

After brief spells boxing and kickboxing as a teenager I walked in to my 1st Thaiboxing lesson With Sean Toomey at the original Lumpini club in 1990 above the Henry Cooper public house down the Old kent rd, South London. I was instantly hooked on the intense training and the style of Thaiboxing which I felt was better than Kickboxing but a good combination of traditional boxing and kicking techniques also using the knee and elbows added to the style! After several months training I agreed to compete on our clubs show at the Yorkshire Grey in Eltham. I fought a guy from Bad Company in North London called Gary Neal. It was a very close fight which I won on points. Unfortunately I didn't fight again for one reason or another but kept training and helping Sean coach some of the lessons which I enjoyed. There were a few of us really serious about our training, the likes of Justin Hudson, Alan Keddle, Terry Wallington and Lee Whittington who have all gone on and made their mark in the sport. In 1996 I opened Lumpini, Crawley, keeping the name out of respect for my original coach Sean Toomey. I kept my hand in by still training with different clubs around the country and attending as many seminars with various Thai trainers as possible. The biggest step forward for me personally and the club was when we went to Thailand in 2001 and trained at the original Fairtex gym in Bangkok. I personally spent a lot of time with Grandmaster and Muaythai legend Apidej Sit-Hirun although in his later years, he inspired me with his knowledge of tricks and style. Since then we have returned to the same camp many times and have a good relationship with the trainers and management at Fairtex.

I have tried to use my experience over the years to keep the club as a friendly welcoming home of Muaythai to everyone who walks through its doors. Everyone has always been welcome to train with us in a hard working but friendly environment whether it be for fitness and weight loss or to become a fighter everyone is treated the same. Follow us on twitter for updates and regular info...