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CLASSES: Tuesdays and Thursdays 8pm / Sundays 2pm.

One of the most classic of combat sports, Western Boxing continues to be as popular as ever. We coach boxing for beginners, for people looking for a new kind of fitness training, weight loss or toning mechanism, and we also coach comeptitive boxers and MMA fighters.

Boxing is almost unrivalled as an intense fitness workout. At Crawley Martial Arts Academy we teach, punches, blocks, parries, movement, footwork and much much more. Using a combination of drills, pad work and bag work, you can learn awhole host of new skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

If you are hoping for more serious and competitive training we hold regular personal tuition and one-to-one training in our olympic-size boxing ring where you can learn skills for Western Boxing and White-Collar Boxing as well as Boxing for Mixed Martial Arts and Cage Fighting.

The gym is fully equipped with an olympic-size boxing ring, seven full-size bags, a weights area, cardio machines and a private room. In addition we have free parking, a treatment room, a coffee shop and showers.

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